Tips To Start A Youtube Channel; Things To know As A Beginner

by Titilola Sanusi
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tips to start a youtube channel


To start a youtube, you obviously need a gmail account which most people already have, even on their phone. There is something call ‘MONETISATION’ which means you’ll get paid for adverts showing on your youtube channel. But before your channel get monetised by Youtube you’ll need 1,000subscribers and 4,000watchhours. The tips below will help you achieve this VERY FAST.

Tips To Start A Youtube Channel

Here are tips to a start a successful YouTube channel as a beginner:

1. Find your niche.

Search across youtube to find what people in your niche I’ve been doing. This will give you hint on how to start, what to do and what people really want to watch and then you’ll get the neccesary information on how you can get started based on what actually works. You don’t just feel like you know it all. Don’t make that mistake.

2. Start with what you have.

You shouldn’t wait till you have expensive gadgets before starting your youtube channel, start with what you have, your phone camera can be used for recording and editing on phone is also possible. Natural light or cheap bulbs can give lightning. Do not give excuse, what you have is enough to start a youtube channel.

3. Focus on keywords.

Keywords are suggestions you see on search engines like google and youtube which are basically what people are searching for. Your contents should be based on this keyword and will help your channel grow fast.

4. Be consistent.

If you really want to do this, then you should give enough time and attention. Being consistent on uploading videos based on day and time is very important. By doing this you are telling your potential subscribers they’ll get to see your new videos on those days and they will always look forward to seeing your uploads.

5. Take advantage of social media.

You have family and friends on social media, so encourage them to subscribe to your youtube channel. You should also share your videos immediately you publish. Promoting your contents across social media is very important especially as a beginner.

6. Relate with channels across your niche.

I means you need to participate in other people’s channel across your niche, by writing comments on their videos, answering questions and giving suggestions. This will expose your channel and give you more SUBSCRIBERS and as well VIEWS.

7. Call to action.

Make sure at the beginning and towards the end of your videos, you tell your viewers to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE AND SHARE YOUR VIDEOS.

8. Study your channel to see what actually works.

Check what people like about your videos, you can discover this based on difference in video views.

Hope these tips help you as you start your youtube channel. There are a lot of set up to make your channel look branded, like thumbnails, channel art, channel description and more. I’ll help with that later. If there is any question you’ll like to ask, please don’t hesitate I’ll make sure to respond as soon as I can.


tips to start a youtube channel

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